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Offer Letter Format

Offer Letter Format. An Offer Letter or an Employment Offer Letter is a formal job offer letter containing all the terms and conditions of employment usually provided in writing to a candidate who has been selected to work with a Business.

Download Offer Letter Format

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How to Use

This offer letter format can be used by a Manager of the Company or Entrepreneur of a Company for the purpose of informing a job application of the successful evaluation of his candidature. The candidate then has a basis by which he knows for sure that he has been employed and will be ready to take up employment and receive the corresponding benefits subject to the terms and conditions stipulated therein.

How to Create

Job offer letters are printed on the letterhead of the employer and signed by the Management or Manager authorized to hire the candidate. It is usually accompanied by some sort of company seal or trademark, so as to give it an added quality of formality and importance. In case the candidate accepts the position, the candidate must himself sign a copy of the letter and return it to the employer to indicate acceptance of the job offer.

Sample Offer Letter


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