Get Your Business Registration On Swiggy will help you to understand the registration process and prepare your proper documents so that you will able to register your business on swiggy without any rejections.

About Swiggy Business

As we all knows It all started back in 2014 when two BITS Pilani graduates, Sriharsha Majety and Nandan Reddy decided they wanted to make life easier by changing the way India eats - all with just a tap! With their idea of ’hyperlocal food delivery’, all they needed was the tech to power it and were introduced to Rahul Jaimini, who brought this vision to life with the first website. And with this, Swiggy was launched as a food ordering & delivery platform. In August of 2014, Swiggy began operations by signing up a few restaurants in Koramangala, Bengaluru. Soon enough, the first team of Hunger Saviors came into action to deliver food within 40 minutes. Shortly after, Swiggy raised its first round of funding and launched the app in May of 2015. Fun fact: The technology that delivers great food right to your doorstep was completely developed in-house! With love and support from consumers, Swiggy expanded far and wide, first through the entire city of Bengaluru and then across the entire country. As they say, the rest is history. Today, Swiggy is the leading food ordering and delivery platform in India. The innovative technology, large and nimble delivery service, and exceptional consumer focus at Swiggy enabled a host of benefits that includes lightning fast deliveries, live order tracking and no restrictions on order amount, all while having the pleasure of enjoying your favourite meal wherever you'd like it.

Eligibility for Swiggy Business

Before applying for Swiggy restaurant registration or to partner with Swiggy, the restaurant should acquire the following.

To acquire these license and registration, You can contact an Expert to get support.

Registration a Restaurant on Swiggy:

The process for Swiggy restaurant registration involves the following:

The process for Swiggy restaurant registration involves the following:

  1. Adding the restaurant to Swiggy Restaurant listing
  2. Acquiring a Registration on Swiggy for Business app

You Can To Add Restaurant on Swiggy:

If any restaurant is not found in the Swiggy Listing, the owner or the user can intimate by performing the given steps.

Step 1: To add a restaurant in Swiggy, visit the Add Restaurant Link and fill the registration form with restaurant name, phone number, city etc.

Step 2: Then click on Add Restaurant to add the restaurant to the Swiggy Listing.

Once submitting the form, a Swiggy executive will visit and collect documents such as PAN Card, Aadhar card, Copy of FSSAI registration, take pictures of restaurant etc. On successfully completing the restaurant verification, your restaurant will be added.

If Register the Restaurant in Swiggy:

Step 1: To obtain Swiggy restaurant registration for Business app, visit the Swiggy for Business App Link

Step 2: Search your restaurant in the search bar to check whether the restaurant is listed on Swiggy or not.

If the restaurant is found in the Swiggy listing then click on claim the listing.

In other case, (if a restaurant is not available on Swiggy) then Add your Restaurant to Swiggy business listings by following the steps mentioned in the ‘To Add Restaurant on Swiggy’ section.

Step 3: When adding or claiming the restaurant on Swiggy is done, scroll down below on Swiggy for Business page where you will find a simple registration form.

Step 4: Fill out the form mentioning the restaurant name, your name, phone number, e-mail address and city. The click on Submit.

You can also contact Swiggy for Business by giving a call at +917838-333-174.

Step 5: After submitting the form to partner with Swiggy, an executive from Swiggy will contact you to verify the details provided. On verifying the account, your account on Swiggy for business will be activated.

Swiggy Business App:

  1. Before you use the Swiggy for Business App, you need to claim your listing. Claim Now
  2. Download the app and login using the same credentials that are used to claim your listing.
  3. Start managing your restaurant directly from your smart phone.

The registered partner can do the following with the Business App.

  • Get real time notifications and reviews, and can easily answer reviews.
  • Manage and your update your listing’s information online directly through your Smartphone or Computer.
  • Promote your business by promos to existing and potential customers on Swiggy
  • Upload your special menu directly from the app
  • Promote events such as musical events, food festivals etc. that are hosted in your establishment.

Worried About Commission Charges for Swiggy Registration:

Swiggy currently charges a commission fee of 5% upto 22% + GST 18% of the total orders from the restaurants under its food ordering business. This does not include delivery and payment gateway charges. For those restaurants that regulate less than 50 orders per week, a commission of 2.99% along with a platform fee of Rs 99 will be levied.

No Commission Charges

To strengthen its hold in the food-tech space and to bring in high orders, no commission fees will be levied for restaurants that cross the weekly 50-order mark.

For restaurants crossing the 500 order, the platform fees charged will be inversely proportional to the number of orders ranging down from Rs 799 to Rs 199.

Guidelines for Restaurants

Restaurant Name

Users search for and identify places to eat or order from using Restaurant names.

  • Restaurant names on Swiggy must be written as they appear on the board outside the restaurant.
  • Restaurant establishment types and taglines (unless the restaurant name is registered with the tagline) must not be mentioned in the name of the restaurant on Swiggy.
  • Restaurant abbreviations in the restaurant name is not accepted on Swiggy.

Restaurant Address

The restaurant address guides diners to the restaurant.

  • The address needs to be in a standardized format for easy understanding for users and for consistency.
  • Do not add more than one landmark, and do not use abbreviations.
  • Do not add other restaurant names as landmarks as it affects the searching results for other restaurants.
  • Add the floor number along with name of the building if the restaurant is located above the ground floor for easy locating.

Restaurant Features

A diner is looks for these facilities when deciding about where to dine. These are called attribute tags on Swiggy.

  • The Pure Veg (no meat and egg)tag is used for restaurants that serve only vegetarian food
  • Smoking Areatag is marked only for restaurants that have a separate smoking area as well as a non-smoking section.
  • Happy Hoursare exclusively for restaurants that serve alcohol and that offer special offers or discounted rates during a period in the day.
  • Wi-Fi Availableis marked if the diners can use Wi-Fi services at the restaurant and not only by the management.

Business Hours

The operational hours of a restaurant is represented as business hours so that the diners can plan their visits in their convenient time.

Users can filter restaurants based on a restaurant’s opening hours by using the “Open at” filter on Swiggy.

  • A 24-hour clock is used to add timings to a listing. This is displayed on the restaurant page in a 12-hour clock format.
  • We always add the timing for the dine-in hours. If the delivery hours are different from the dine-in timings, we can add the custom delivery timings to your page if you mail us at [email protected]
  • The timing grids on Swiggy accepts only numerals, so only specific times can be entered. Entering specific timings as specified above will help the users find your restaurant using the filter ‘Open at’ if they search for a specific time while choosing a restaurant.


The photo stream of a restaurant gives diners an idea about what to expect at the restaurant in terms of ambiance, service, and food.

A complete set of façade, ambiance, and food shots on a restaurant page gives the diner all the information he needs to make a decision. Some pointers to remember while uploading photos for the restaurant are:

  • An order is followed in which photos appear on the photo stream, which is maintained for all restaurants: [Façade/exterior shots] — [Ambiance/interior shots] — [Food shots].
  • Facade shotsare photos taken from the exterior of the restaurant, typically including the sign and the entrance
  • Ambiance shotsare photos of the interiors of the restaurant that give the users information about the lighting or seating arrangement at the restaurant
  • Food shotsare images of food prepared by that specific restaurant
  • No images with people in them is put up.
  • Ambiance/food shots that are stock images, or taken from Google Images/other websites is put up, as that would be copyright infringement.
  • Even if stock photos have been legally purchased by the restaurant, they are not uploaded as they do not depict the true nature of the food and service provided by the restaurant. This is misleading for diners.
  • Currently only .JPEG and .PNG file formats for photo uploads are supported.
  • A single frame can only contain a single photo. Photo collages are not uploaded as they don’t always show a clear picture of what’s at the restaurant.
  • Images where logos and social media handles take up a significant portion of the image are not used to avoid the notion of promoting restaurants.


Diners rely extensively on the menus on Swiggy when deciding on where to eat or what to order, and to know how much it might cost them.

  • The maximum dimensions we can upload for menu pages are 650×700 pixels.
  • Only the relevant text portion of the menu is kept on the page
  • A certain order for menu pages is maintained similar to the way a user would read through a menu: [Appetizers/soups] — [Entrées] — [Main course] — [Desserts]
  • Avoid putting up menus without prices as it affects a user’s decision. The menu must include the names of the dishes and prices, as this helps users get an idea of how much they will spend at the restaurant.

Cover Photos

  • The image should have high resolution (images with 1200×500 pixels or greater in resolution).
  • Horizontal photos are preferred, as they would be better suited to the page layout. While vertical photos are allowed, the focal elements of the image may be lost when it is cropped to the required dimensions.
  • Websites, phone numbers, and other text should not be superimposed on the photo.
  • Photos of raw ingredients are not allowed, unless the food is served that way.

New Listing Creation – Guidelines

A new listing for the restaurant will be created if there have been any major changes that will affect a user’s experience that may include the following.

  • A complete change in cuisine.
  • Any changes in the type of establishme.
  • Change locations, and the new outlet is not in the same area or neighborhood as the original outlet.


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